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Savannah F1 Female

Phoenix was born on march 27, 2008

- Phoenix at 1 month (left and right pictures*) -

- Phoenix at 2 months (left and right pictures*) -

- Phoenix at 6 months (left and right pictures) -

Her parents are Marabelle (mother (Savannah F2)) and Pharaon (father (Serval)). Phoenix has everything we could be looking for in a Savannah like beauty and elegance from the Serval. Also, Phoenix comes from a F2 Savannah mother, giving her an even higher Serval pourcentage in her blood for greater characteristics. Phoenix has a golden fur with white on the legs and belly with a magnificent black nose, giving her a real Serval look. She got long and wide dark lines on the back of her head and shoulders and perfect ocelli. Her spots are well defined and run along all her body. Her Serval look is really striking. You can take a look at all Phoenix's pictures since her birth to see her evolution in the "Watch me Grow" section.

Phoenix's Parents:
Phoenix' mother, Marabelle, is a very playful and energic F2 Savannah. Phoenix' father, Pharaon, is a majestic Serval. He's very tall and strong looking. His coat is classic Serval and this colour was passed to Phoenix. We had the chance to see real Servals and they are stunning.



* Pictures marked with a * are by Holly & Dale Hummel.

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