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Syminou Exotic Felines breed 2nd generation (F2), 3rd generation (F3) and 5th generation (F5 SBT) kittens, for the moment.

F3 kittens will be 'C' grade, meaning the grade just before SBT. SBT kittens (Stud Book Tradition) means that the kitten have at least 3 generations of Savannahs; the parents, grand-parents and grand grand-parents are all Savannahs. We wish to offer the most possible generations, the 2nd up to the 5th. We are in the expension process to be able to produce all of these generations. There is more generations that are far from the Serval, but the charasteristics are too diluted.

Syminou Exotic Felines is the first cattery in Quebec to have a F1 female at 62,5% Serval, a F4 SBT and a F5 SBT male. Since we have a F4 SBT female with a F5 SBT male, our F5 SBT kittens will be superior quality being from an exclusive Savannahs line with SBT parents.

If you ask yourself which generation of Savannah is right for you, read the following, it might help you.

F1 Savannah
The first generation, the african Serval hybridation with a pure breed housecat is called F1. The F1 male can weight 18 to 30 lbs in average, is 16" to 20 " high (from shoulder to floor) and is 22" to 26" long (without the tail). The F1 female can weight 14 to 24 lbs in average. Even if they have a high Serval percentage, they are not the kind of cat who are going to destroy the house. They only have one or two master. They are going to be more distant with strangers but they are not agressive cats. Usually, they won't socialize very well with very young children and strangers. But there's always exceptions. When they meet strangers, they may go in another room or climb high to look at the scene from a distance. They are very playful cats and spend alot of energy, they aren't "couch-cats" and probably won't let you hold them. F1 Savannahs are highly intelligent and veterinary visits can be difficult. After one bad visit, they are going to remember it and hate it. They are using the litter box. But sometimes, it's possible that they won't go in the litter box if they feel offended or they're trying to tell you something. They are very attracted by plastic bags on the floor. They can be walked with a leash and harnest and are extremely in love with water, they can even take a bath or shower with you.
Syminou Exotic Felines do not breed F1 kittens, because it's illegal to own a Serval in Quebec. We have one F1 female here to breed F2 kittens.

F2 Savannah
The F2 male can weight 17 to 27 lbs in average, is 15" to 18" high (from shoulder to floor) and is 20" to 23" long (without the tail) but we saw some at 30 lbs and more.... The F2 female can weight 12 to 18 lbs in average. They are very close to their family and children. They are very playful cats and spend alot of energy, they aren't "couch-cats" and probably won't let you hold them for hours, but will sleep on you if they wish to. When strangers come to the house, they will keep their distance at first, but will soon come and greet the newcomers and let them pet him. The veterinary visits are easier than with a F1. Of course, they can become difficult if they have a bad experience with a new vet. They use the litter box and can be walked with a leash and harnest and are of course very attracted by water. They can even take a bath or shower with you and love the pool and hose.
(On some websites it says that the F2 Savannah is a lot more "wild" than the following generations... We have here living with us two F2 and never had any problem with them, they are very affectionate and are not afraid of strangers. They are very sweet and we can hold them. Of course it all depends of each character, the way they are raised and their contact with people).

F3 Savannah
The F3 male can weight 14 to 24 lbs in average, is 14" to 17" high (from shoulder to floor) and is 18" to 21" long (without the tail). The F3 female can weight 12 to 15 lbs in average. They are extremely close to their family and with children. Strangers won't bother them. You can hold them and they will sleep with you. F3 Savannahs are highly intelligent and very athletic. They can be walked with a leash and harnest and are of course very attracted by water, just like the F2. They are a magnificient mix between the wild look and the soft and affectionate personnality of a house cat. The Savannah is a tall cat, bigger than ordinary cats. They need attention and have a lot of energy. They are very active, intelligent and sweet cats.

F4 and F5 Savannah
The male can weight 14 to 20 lbs in average, is 13" to 16" high (from shoulder to floor) and is 16" to 19" long (without the tail). The female can weight 10 to 14 lbs in average. These 2 generations have very similar personnalities to the F3. They like to be hold, pet and play with you whenever you wish to. They are very intelligent and energic. They are very sociable. Compared to normal house cat, they are more athletic, energic and intelligent.

Waiting list / Reservation
You can contact us if you wish to appear on our waiting list. A 1000 $ deposit is required for a F2 kitten and 500 $ for the other generations. After the reservation is made, you'll receive a detailed contract with our warranties (for one year after the deposit) and our recommandations for a good adaptation of the kitten in his new home. You can also, in the reservation process, specify some characteristics that you wish to get, as well as the sex of the kitten. A 50% deposit must be made when choosing the kitten you'll adopt, made to Syminou Felins Exotiques. We only accept certified cheques for the deposit, the reservation and the final payment who will be made when the kitten leaves the cattery to go to your home. All our kittens are ready to leave at the age of approx. 12 weeks old (3 months).

The price to adopt a Savannah kitten depends on the generation you choose, the sex and the physical characteristics. All our kittens must be neutered/spay. Claw removal is not recommended, but it's your choice (claw removal and neutering/spaying are not included in the price). If you decide to remove their claws (lazer), you have to do it at the same time as neutering/spaying, so only one anestesia (isoflurane) which is better for the kitten. The kitten will receive all the vaccins, will visit the veterinarian a minimum of 2 times for perfect health assurance and will receive a preventive dewormer treatment before leaving the catery (all this is included in the price). A registering certificate of Canada Cat Association (CCA) or TICA will also be delivered to you.

Savannah prices:

F2 (approx. 36 % Serval) : 5500 $ à 8500 $ CAD
F3 (C) (approx.17 % Serval) : 4000 $ à 5000 $ CAD
F4 (SBT) (approx.13 % Serval) : Coming soon…
F5 (SBT) approx.10 % Serval) : 2500 $ à 3500 $ CAD

Exeptionnaly, prices can be fixed out of the given range (10-15%).
Shipping prices are not included in the prices. All prices and details can change without prior notice.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.




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