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Savannah F2 Female

Mystik was born on july 27, 2007

- Mystik at 3 months (left picture*) - Mystik at 6 months (right picture) -

- Mystik at 6 months (left and right pictures) -

Mystik is very energetic and loves to play. She arrived in Canada when she was 15 weeks old. Her parents are TroubleChild (mother) and Stalker (father). Mystik never ceases to surprise us from day to day (after being with us for only 2 weeks), she has a truckload of energy. She is constantly wanting to play, following us everywhere in the house. She purrs a lot and gives us "hugs". She has already started bringing back her toy when we throw it at her. She plays a little bit in water, but that will become a lot more frequent as she ages. She has a very Serval allure. It can be noticed that she has a black nose, which is a characteristic that is quite hard to obtain and is very much desired for Savannahs. She has a long, lean body and beautiful spots. Mystik has a golden fur with some white on her paws and her belly, aspects of her appearance that both accentuate her resemblance with the serval. She features long and thick lines behind her head, along with some wonderful ocelli behind her ears. To witness her evolution from birth, you can see various pictures of Mystik in our "Watch me Grow" section.

Mystik's parents:

Mystik's mother TroubleChild, glared us right at the first look. Looking at those pictures, we cannot help ourselves from imagining our little darling that resembles her more and more.
Mystik's father, Stalker, is very impressive. He is tall and strong. His fur has this shine to it that is simply breathtaking. When we saw him for real, we were taken away by his height and his impressive presence. *



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* Pictures marked with a * are by Holly & Dale Hummel.

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